Christine Hogan
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Christine Hogan is an Australian media professional who has worked in newspapers and magazines as a writer and editor, in television as a producer of news, and as an executive producer of current affairs for more than 30 years. She has also been the head of publicity for a major Australian television network.

A writer with a long-standing interest in contemporary social history and gender roles, she has written for various publications both in Australia and overseas, including The Australian Womenís Weekly, The Australian Financial Review Colour Magazine, marie-claire, delicious magazine, Luxury Travel, and Ms. magazine.

Hoganís first book, Men: A Userís Guide, was released in 2003. An amusing and timely book, it took a wry look at the relationships between men and women as they are being played out in the early 21st century. Her next book was a collaborative autobiography of one of Australia's most loved personalities. In 2006 The Veiled Lands: A Womanís Journey to the Heart of the Islamic World, a non-fiction book based on her research during three years in the Middle East and North Africa was published. Also published in 2006 was her book on the role of women in Australian television during its first 50 years, Look at Me! Behind the Scenes of Australian TV.

Hogan is currently editing TeenMatters, a magazine launched in spring 2004 and designed for the parents of teenagers by Father Chris Riley and his organization, Youth Off the Streets. She also is writing her first novel.