Jay Harris
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Jay Harris is the publisher of Mother Jones magazine, a California bimonthly known for great reporting, fine writing, and progressive politics. He is also president of Mother Jones' nonprofit parent organization Foundation for National Progress. He has been publisher of Mother Jones since 1991. The magazine has grown quickly in recent years, thanks in part to the growing dissatisfaction with the Bush Administration. It now has a paid circulation of 240,000. He believes that is not nearly enough, considering how good the magazine and its editorial staff are these days. Mother Jones.com was launched in 1993, and Mother Jones Radio, broadcast Sundays on the Air America Radio Network, was launched in 2005.

Harris is a graduate of Duke University (BA) and Yale's School of Management (MPPM). He began his magazine career with Newsweek International, holding management positions in New York and Hong Kong. He is vice chair of the board of the Independent Press Association and a member of the board of IMAG, the independent magazine group of the Magazine Publishers of America. He serves on the advisory board of Boulder-based Free Speech TV. That is arguably too many boards, but media things are very interesting these days, and he doesn't want to quit any of them. As Russ Rymer, the editor of Mother Jones, wrote recently, "When the crisis at the core of our nation's political decline is a direct assault on the truth, the institution that should take the lead in confronting and correcting that danger is the press." It feels like there's a lot to do.