Caroline Daniel
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Caroline Daniel is currently the comment editor of the Financial Times (FT), based in London, where she commissions thinkers from around the world for the oped page, ranging from Karl Rove to Larry Summers. She was formerly White House correspondent for the FT, based in Washington from early 2005 to March 2007 and led the coverage of President Bush. Daniel was a regular panelist on The McLaughlin Group and on The Diane Rehm Show. She is kicking herself that she is not covering the U.S. primary elections.

Before that Daniel lived in Chicago, covering the glorious destruction of the U.S. airline industry, problems at Boeing, Motorola, and the steel industry, as well as more political and cultural stories, such as Governor George Ryan's decision over the death penalty in Illinois. Before moving to the U.S., Daniel worked for the FT in London for four years and wrote about the dot com boom and covering technology during the glory days of the bubble. In 1998, she won the Laurence Stern Fellowship to The Washington Post. She worked for the New Statesman magazine as a feature writer and also at The Economist magazine reporting on business and science.

After leaving Cambridge University in 1993 with a history degree, Daniel worked as a researcher for 18 months for Gordon Brown, now the British prime minister. She was his research editor for Values, Visions and Voices, an anthology of socialism.