David Bernknopf
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David Bernknopf is founder and principal of Devonwood Media in Marietta, Georgia. The company handles media strategy, crisis communication, internal and external communications, and video production for corporate clients.

Among the issues that occupy his consulting time are avian flu, regional and national politics, privacy issues, and issues of faith and spirituality. His clients include large law firms, technology companies, manufacturers, restaurant chains, and a large international Christian ministry.

Before moving to the public relations (PR) side of the world, Bernknopf spent 21 years at CNN. He was there from its beginnings in 1980 until September of 2001 when he covered the crash of United flight 93 on 9/11. In between, he produced political coverage, made documentaries around the world, and served as vice president of news planning for CNN. He also has the mostly honorary title of contributing editor for travelgirl magazine, and has written recent articles on Alaska, Newfoundland, Canada, and Manchester, England.

He continues to lecture and teach journalism and public relations at schools and universities across the country including the University of Colorado. Bernknopf also writes and blogs about media and PR issues.