Mark Levine
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Mark Levine is host of the nationally syndicated radio/television/internet talk show The Inside Scoop in Washington, D.C. Levine and his guests report "all the news the government does not want you to know," breaking behind-the-scene stories rarely discussed in mainstream media.

Prior to his radio debut in June 2003, Levine served three years as legislative counsel to a high-ranking Democrat on the Judiciary and Homeland Security Committees. In that capacity Levine learned how Washington really works: from the way bills become law (hint: it's not the way textbooks teach) to political negotiations, spin, administration secrets, and dangerous lapses in American security. He authored the Congressional Challenge to the 2000 Florida Electors, A Layman's Guide to Bush v. Gore, and a section of the USA-Patriot Act.

Levine earned an economics degree magna cum laude from Harvard and a law degree from Yale. He was a Fulbright scholar in Switzerland. He has worked as a California trial attorney, Nazi hunter, Jewish historian, and inner-city school teacher. In addition to terrestrial radio, Levine is currently on local television and XM satellite radio. His live broadcasts may also be heard on the internet through iTunes, podcast, and The Inside Scoop website. He has been featured on Air America and dozens of talk radio programs nationwide and in England.