Godfrey Reggio
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Godfrey Reggio is an inventor of a film style which creates poetic images of extraordinary emotional impact for audiences worldwide. Reggio is prominent in the film world for his QATSI trilogy, essays of visual images and sound which chronicle the destructive impact of the modern world on the environment.

Reggio has a history of service not only to the environment but to youth street gangs, the poor, and the community. He entered the Christian Brothers, a Roman Catholic pontifical order, at age 14, where he spent his adolescence and early adulthood in fasting, silence, and prayer. Reggio taught grade school, secondary school, and college. He co-founded Young Citizens for Action, a community organization project that aided juvenile street gangs; La Clinica de la Gente, a Santa Fe community medical clinic; La Gente, a community organizing project in the barrios of Santa Fe; and Institute for Regional Education, a nonprofit foundation focused on media development, the arts, community organization, and research.

Koyaanisqatsi, Reggio's debut as a film director and producer, is the first film of the QATSI trilogy. The film is an apocalyptic vision of the collision of two different worlds—urban life and technology versus the environment. Powaqqatsi, Reggio's second film, conveys a humanist philosophy about the earth, the encroachment of technology on nature and ancient cultures, and the splendor that disappears as a result. The film focuses on the modern way of life and the concept of the Global Village, entwining the distinctive textures of ancient and Third World cultures. Philip Glass composed scores for both QUATSI films.

Reggio is currently writing, co-producing, and directing Naqoyqatsi, the final film of the QATSI trilogy. He is a frequent lecturer on philosophy, technology, and film. Reggio resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.