Brian Hollywood
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Brian Hollywood is a senior broadcast journalist at the BBC television center in London. He has made a wide variety of television programs covering news, consumer affairs, popular culture, and entertainment. Currently, he produces Sunday AM, the agenda-setting political and current affairs program. Recent guests from across the political and global spectrum have included Tony Blair, John McCain, Madeleine Albright, Shimon Peres, Woody Allen, Helen Mirren and Kevin Spacey. Previously, he produced Breakfast with Frost, the iconic weekly show fronted by Sir David Frost on BBC One Television. Hollywood was an award-winning BBC reporter in Ireland before moving to London and was part of the BBC's creative development team for network television.

Hollywood studied law at the Queen’s University of Belfast and the University of Louvain, Belgium. He was a senior fellow at the Center for International Legal Studies in Salzburg, Austria, and edited numerous international law texts. A research fellow in criminology in Ireland, he taught courses specializing in the sociology of deviance. His work won several major awards from the British Society of Criminology and the Royal Irish Academy. He also writes poetry and crime fiction, but not as often as he would like. He has served as a board member for several charities and cultural institutions.