Paul Helfrich
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Paul Helfrich has many interests that reflect his multidisciplinary background. He’s spent the past 25 years as an educator, researcher, composer, and writer. He has taught music at the university level, science education at a leading science museum, and consciousness studies through lectures, essays, and online discussion forums.

Helfrich earned his graduate degrees in music composition from Temple University, where he taught music theory, history, and composition from 1980 to 1987. He has composed various chamber music pieces, and in 2003 he released Mindscapes, his first commercial music CD.

His love of science and technology led him to the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia, where he developed four major hands-on science exhibits featuring state-of-the-art learning environments, including What Makes Music?, visited by over two million people in 30 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada from 1988 to 2000. Helfrich’s exhibit work comprised several large design-element soundtracks, including The Jamming Room I & II, Giant Cell, Giant Microchip, and Giant Brain. He also spear-headed The Science Learning Network, a national collaborative testbed program that promoted virtual community building among six leading science museums and K-8 schools in the United States.

More recently, Helfrich has presented workshops and lectured nationally on conscious creation, the channeling phenomenon, and integral psychology and spirituality. He’s authored a series of online essays on these topics and serves as the administrator for the Sethnet email list and NewWorldView discussion forums. He is currently the vice president of technology and programs for and is writing his first book Integral Conscious Creation.