Scott Fried
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Scott Fried is a motivational speaker who has devoted the past 13 years to talking with teens and their parents. Since getting infected with HIV in 1987, Fried has lectured in nearly every state in the country, as well as Israel, England, and Canada, reaching over a million teens. His circuit includes high schools, colleges, summer camps, synagogues, churches, retreats, juvenile detention centers, prisons, PTA meetings Ö any place where teens and their parents congregate. His unstoppable approach to educating youngsters can be encapsulated into one thought: one must understand the value of oneís own life, and hold it sacred, in order to refrain from dangerous behaviors that could lead to HIV infection and other crises.

Fried was seen on the television daytime drama Guiding Light portraying Bart, a young man with AIDS. He is featured in the books Living Proof: Courage in the Face of AIDS, The Faces of AIDS: Lives at the Epicenter, and The World Is a Narrow Bridge: Stories that Celebrate Hope and Healing. He has been interviewed on ABCís Eyewitness News and The Sally Jessy Raphael Show. He received the Honorary Star of the Rainbow Award, along with Chastity Bono, for his work with teens. Fried has been published in numerous periodicals and newspapers and is the author of If I Grow Up: Talking with Teens about AIDS, Love and Staying Alive, a self-published chronicle of his experiences and lectures.

Friedís second book My Invisible Kingdom: Letters from the Secret Lives of Teens was released this past June. This sequel publishes the letters of teens who have written to Fried, sharing their pain and doubt on such diverse topics as rape, eating disorders, suicide, self-mutilation, coming out, addiction, and broken hearts.