Peter Dykstra
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Peter Dykstra is CNN’s executive producer for science, technology, space, environment, and weather. In addition to providing news programming for CNN’s television networks and website, the science and tech team produces Next@CNN, a one-hour program which airs on Saturdays and Sundays. The network’s weather department produces over 20,000 live weather forecasts annually.

Dykstra was on the team which won an Emmy award for coverage of the 1993 Mississippi River floods. He also coordinated a portion of the network’s coverage of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Prior to joining CNN in 1991, Dykstra founded “Pundit Watch,” a monthly column of media criticism for The Progressive magazine. He also served as media coordinator for Greenpeace and has served on the board of the Society of Environmental Journalists.

Dykstra received a BS degree in journalism from Boston University. He resides in Conyers, Georgia.