Judith Dushku
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Judy Dushku is a professor of government at Suffolk University in Boston. She teaches courses on Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and China. These courses always include her “reality tours” to regions not normally visited by students: Nicaragua under the Sandinistas, Romania after the fall of Ceausescu, the Gorbechev-era southern republics, South Africa, China, Cuba, and West Africa. Her work in Senegal resulted in an appointment as dean of Suffolk University's Dakar campus, guiding a student body of African students from 23 nations. She also attended the Nairobi and Beijing United Nations Women’s Conferences and participated in their forums.

Involved with Mormon feminist collectives and publications for over 35 years, Dushku has also led discussions of diverse groups focused on the changes taking place within tight-knit cultures.

Dushku is mother to many and has been drawn into issues and organizations that serve children, those who suffer most from aggressive war and international mismanagement. She also managed the career of her daughter Eliza in major Hollywood films and television series. She and her husband Jim Coleman share an active interest in film, journalism, alternative media, and the opposition press. At home, dozens of foreign students have lived with them and enhanced their family life. Continuing contacts with her students, from Mali to Zimbabwe, from China to Bosnia, have added immediate knowledge to her awareness of the world.

Dushku’s current interests are in peace-keeping, the resource wars, and environmental politics. She is also active in related grassroots groups.