Sean Deuby
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Sean Deuby likes to think of himself as a nerd with diverse interests. In his day job he is a senior systems engineer with Intel Corporation. As a senior member of the core directory services team, he was one of the architects of Intelís corporate Windows infrastructure. Before joining Intel, he was a principal architect of Texas Instrumentsí worldwide Windows network. Deuby also wrote a well-received (but little sold) book on Windows 2000 Server. He is a contributing editor and technical editor for Windows IT Pro Magazine, and he speaks on Windows Server topics at technology conferences around the world. Microsoft has recognized Deuby as a Most Valuable Professional for directory services in 2004 and 2005.

In an effort to keep some balance in his life, Deuby began practicing Okinawan karate in college and has kept at it ever since. He teaches at a school in Dallas he co-founded in 1984. He holds multiple black belts, including a fifth degree in Shorin ryu. He also practices Olympic archery, where he shoots expensive arrows towards a tiny bullís eye a football field away.

Deuby has a lifelong love of music, especially classical and jazz. Though heís taken a temporary leave of absence (for 20 years) from playing French horn, he married a professional clarinetist to ensure he would always be near the sound of rabid practicing. He has been a member of The Dallas Opera as a supernumerary since 1984 and is proud of the fact that he is the only dragon they have had since he began.