Martha Baer
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Martha Baer is a freelance writer of science, business, and technology. Her most recent work has been to co-author Safe: The Race to Protect Ourselves in a Newly Dangerous World.

Previously, Baer was writer-at-large for Wired magazine. While there she also worked as a senior editor, was deputy to the editor-in-chief, and was founding executive editor of Wired News, the magazine’s daily news website. She has also written for publications such as The New York Times and Nest magazine. In 1997, Baer published As Francesca, a novel described by Harper’s Bazaar as “a whodunit [with] overtones of Agatha Christie."

Baer is a volunteer with St. Gregory’s Food Pantry in San Francisco. She has taught at both the high school and college levels, and she currently is a mentor to two teenaged girls.