Robert W. Fuller
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In his groundbreaking book Somebodies and Nobodies: Overcoming the Abuse of Rank, Robert Fuller identifies and attempts to combat an injustice that affects nearly everyone: “rankism.” A term coined by Fuller, rankism refers to the indignity experienced by anyone at the hands of a higher-ranking person who abuses his or her power. According to Fuller, the effects of rankism range from educational failure to sexual abuse to corporate corruption to terrorism. It is eliminated in the same ways that other "isms" are eliminated: one incident at a time.

Fuller taught physics at Columbia University, where he co-authored the classic text Mathematics for Classical and Quantum Physics. He later served as president of Oberlin College, which he led through a series of educational reforms, many of which drew national attention. A contributor to magazines in a wide range of disciplines, Fuller also served for many years as board chair of the nonprofit global corporation, Internews, which promotes democracy and international understanding via free and independent media.

Fuller has four children and lives in Berkeley, California, with his wife Claire Sheridan.