Joaquin Muñoz
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Joaquin Muñoz spent the last seven years of his life working for the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a beekeeper, battling hordes of Africanized bees and getting stung more than 10,000 times, with the worst being those stings on the lips and ears.

Muñoz completed a degree in political science from the University of Arizona, where he focused on international politics and the subtle study of discussing politics with people without losing friends for having his inconsistent leftist leanings.

Muñoz’s political science degree provided an excellent education but no preparation for his new-found profession: he is now an eighth grade teacher at Julia de Burgos Bilingual Elementary School in Philadelphia. Muñoz spends most of his time grading, lesson planning, succeeding and failing in teaching, and thinking of new and innovative ways to help his students see the value of education in their lives.

When Muñoz is not teaching, he enjoys riding motorcycles, taking up the occasional game of racquetball, waxing poetic, listening to hip-hop, and dancing like a madman.

Muñoz is happy to note that the Conference on World Affairs' theme this year is "Outside the Comfort Zone," as nearly every aspect of his life since March 13, 2005 has been lived outside the comfort zone. Be sure to ask him why sometime.