John Vasconcellos
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John Vasconcellos is the Emeritus Dean of the California Legislature, retired November 30, 2004 after 38 years of representing “the heart of Silicon Valley,” engine of California's prosperity. During this time, Vasconcellos also was on his own personal odyssey. He was a student of Carl Rogers, Rollo May, Abraham Maslow, Virginia Satir, Stanley Keleman, and Will Schutz. As a result, he developed The Expanding Human Agenda, a compendium of leading legislation and major reports he initiated, each grounded in the faithful (instead of cynical) vision of ourselves, our human nature, and potential. He also wrote The Search for Authenticity and Toward Becoming A Person.

To sustain his forward-looking agenda after retirement, Vasconcellos and friends created the John Vasconcellos Legacy Project, whose first major effort is to discern and design, then to develop and advance, the “Politics of Trust,” a new human healing politics. It provides a new center (beyond left and right—actually, the center within ourselves), providing a unifying vision and an organizing principle for a new society. Its mission is to educate and empower every Californian, as a prototype for all Americans, for effective civic engagement.