Matt Richtel
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Matt Richtel is a journalist and writer who, for the last five years, has worked in the San Francisco bureau of The New York Times covering technology and telecommunications. His responsibilities entail following the telephone, cable, and Internet industries and their impact on consumers.

Richtel writes the syndicated comic strip Rudy Park, which appears in newspapers around the country, including the Boulder Daily Camera. The strip revolves around the life of Rudy Park, a manager at a local coffee house and the regulars who spend time there. The cafe is also a watering hole for celebrities and politicians, a crossroads for contemporary issues, and the setting for violent disputes over the bathroom key. Richtel writes the strip under the pen name "Theron Heir.” The strip is the subject of two book compilations, including Peace, Love and Lattes, which was published last fall.

Richtel received an undergraduate degree in rhetoric from Berkeley and a master’s degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He grew up in Boulder.