Mary Palevsky
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Independent scholar and writer Mary Palevsky is the author of Atomic Fragments: A Daughter's Questions. Her book explores the moral legacy of the atomic bomb in her life, the lives of its creators and society-at-large.Mary's late parents worked on the bomb during World War II and bequeathed her an abiding interest in negotiating the boundaries between science and society-at-large. She is particularly concerned with decision-making regarding the life-changing applications of ongoing scientific discovery. Palevsky’s writing crosses traditional boundaries between social science and literature, exploring the use of literary methods to evoke the lived experience of sociological practice. She has written articles for the Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Examiner magazines, Germany's Wissenschaft und Frieden. She conducts writing workshops and speaks at universities about the content and process of her research. In 1975, with her husband, Joseph N. Granados, Palevsky founded The Granados School of Languages, writing and producing ESL and Spanish language programs for business, industry, and nonprofit institutions in the Americas. Her interest in human rights issues in Guatemala is based on her thirty-year friendship with a woman she met there while an anthropology student in the 1960s. Life in her friend's Mayan highland village during the civil war is a subject of Mary's ongoing inquiry and writing. Mary is currently working with a Japanese documentary maker on the story of Atomic Fragments, an attempt to provide deeper understanding of the impact of the bomb on the American and the Japanese consciousness.