Sara Miles
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Sara Miles is the author of How to Hack a Party Line: The Democrats and Silicon Valley, co-editor of Opposite Sex, and editor and contributing writer of New Thinking: Perspectives on Third World Change. Miles also edits the award-winning website for the PBS international documentary series Frontline/World. She is a freelance editor for book projects on human rights, international law, business, politics, technology, and for academic and professional writers.

Miles has written extensively on politics and worked as a war correspondent covering guerilla wars. She has been a writer for Wired and Wired News and a contributing writer for Out. She has also written for The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, Mother Jones, and La Jornada.

Miles lives in San Francisco, where she founded and is director of St. Gregory’s Food Pantry, a nonprofit community food program. She has started up nine other pantries in the last two years that provide free groceries to over a thousand hungry families each week.