Terry McNally
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While studying social relations at Harvard in the late 1960s, Terry McNally founded an alternative high school and ran a camp for chronic schizophrenics. He later produced and directed futurist documentaries featuring Buckminster Fuller and Robert Theobald. In 1992 he was a producer of the BBC's Earth Summit special Greenbucks. As an actor he's appeared in over a hundred plays, films, and television shows and was murdered on Matlock, Dallas, Knot's Landing, The Young and the Restless, and Battle Beyond the Stars.

McNally is writer and producer of the classic novelty record, Julie Brown's Goddess in Progress, voted #4 EP in Village Voice's 1985 national critics' poll. He directed the music video of Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun, featuring frequent CWA attendee, Stuart Schoffman, as a slain math teacher. He was also a writer and producer of the 1989 cult comedy film, Earth Girls are Easy, now in development as an Off-Broadway musical.

As a consultant, speaker, writer, and coach to nonprofits, foundations, public agencies, and progressive corporations, McNally focuses on message, media, and the unique power of compelling human stories. He is co-author with Hyla Cass MD of Kava: Nature's Answer to Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia. McNally hosts interview programs on television and the web.

In all he does, McNally is dedicated to fostering a world that just might work.