Achim D. Köddermann
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Achim Köddermann teaches philosophy at the State University of New York, Oneonta, and specializes in applied philosophy, media ethics, human rights, and theories of interpretation, although he claims to know that he knows nothing. He feels uniquely qualified to argue against standardized forms of assessment in universities and for solutions to the higher education crisis. His expertise has been used in the elaboration of codes against violence, for tolerance, and in strategies for the intellectual integration of reunified Germany. He speaks English with more than one accent, and he is always speaking too fast.

After more than a dozen years as a participant of the CWA, he is still amazed by the unique mix of ideas and the emergence of the unexpected. He loves the CWA atmosphere because his confrontational "old European" style is considered normal here. In his recent past, Köddermann worked as corporate planner on the survival of German Public Television, moral forms of mergers within European banks, and concept and application of the thousand-year old idea of a Free University.

Köddermann held academic appointments at Sripatum University in Bangkok, Thailand; Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany; Denver University; and Binghamton University. But for the month of April, he is convinced that Boulder is the center of the world as a free forum of ideas. He is currently engaged in Renaissance studies, ethics and the garden, and is editing a series of bilingual classic texts.