Charles Dusseau
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Charles Dusseau has spent his professional career moving between the public and private sectors and the domestic and international sectors, sometimes finding himself planted at the confluence of them all. He spent nine years as an international banker for Chase Manhattan Bank, working and living throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. While in Buenos Aires, Dusseau chronicled the political and economic events as a columnist for the Buenos Aires Herald.

He was transferred to Miami where he served as Chasesí country manager for Central America, during which time he was a member of the debt-renegotiation committees for Costa Rica, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Four years later Dusseau was elected as a Commissioner of Miami-Dade County, the fourth largest county government in the U.S. He was subsequently appointed Secretary of Commerce for the state of Florida, where he oversaw the development and passage of a variety of job creation incentive programs. His primary goal as Secretary, however, was to eliminate his own job, which was accomplished by privatizing the Department of Commerce.

Dusseau is currently a partner with Core Equities, L.L.C., vice-chairman of Eastern National Bank, and chairman of Friends of WLRN, the fundraising arm for south Floridaís public radio and television station. Previously, he served as president of the Americas Group, a Miami-based, Latin America focused merchant banking and business consulting firm. He has also been active in the Democratic Party at the local, state, and national levels.

Dusseau holds a bachelorís degree in international finance from the University of Colorado and a masterís degree in international political economy from Georgetown University.