Liz Weir
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Liz Weir is a professional storyteller and writer from Northern Ireland. Formerly children's librarian for the city of Belfast, she now travels the world telling stories to adults and children. She organizes workshops and appears at major international festivals. Among the countries Weir has performed in are Israel, Germany, Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Weir was the first winner of the International Storybridge Award from the National Storytelling Network which cited her "exemplary work promoting the art of storytelling within Ireland and between other countries." Weir is the author of two collections of stories for children, Boom Chicka Boom and Here There and Everywhere. Her extensive work in prisons has resulted in the just completed picture book about a child whose father is in jail, When Dad Went Away.

She has presented The Gift of the Gab, a storytelling series for BBC Radio Ulster, and has recently written scripts for four television animations aimed at young children in Northern Ireland. The latter project was created by the Media Initiative for Children, a joint effort by the Early Years Organization in Northern Ireland and the Peace Initiatives Institute in Colorado. The projectís goal is to teach young children the value of respecting, and including, others who are different. Weir firmly believes in the power of storytelling to promote understanding and aid conflict resolution.

Highlights for Weir in 2006 included being a featured teller at the first Winnipeg Storytelling Festival in Canada and performances at the San Juan Capistrano Festival and the Forest Festival in Port Angeles. In July 2007, she will present a workshop at the National Storytelling Conference in St Louis.