Elaine Thompson
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Elaine Thompson is a professor in the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia. She has been an elected member of the governing academic board of the university. She received the vice-chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence in 1993 and two Fulbright fellowships. In 2000, Thompson toured the United States as one of six speakers to participate in the North American Speaker Series. She was a Barton Lecturer in the NSW Centenary of Federation program and edited a monograph on federalism in Australia that came from the forums. For her work she won an Australian government Centenary of Federation medal in 2003.

For the last four years, Thompson has lectured on American politics—from institutions, the neo-conservative impact, and fissures in the American policy—to senior military and defense staff and international military visitors at the Centre of Strategic and Defense Studies. She is the Australian coordinator and primary professor for the Michigan State University Annual summer school on Australian policy and politics. She is also a regular media commentator on national radio, television, and for AAP, Newsweek, and New Radio Hong Kong.

Thompson has published widely on Australian policy/politics and on U.S. politics, including journal articles on the Reagan and Carter administrations and comparative material on the Americanization of Australian politics. Most recently, she was a commentator for SBS national television news in Australia on the 2004 election.