Charles Love
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Charles Love has graduate degrees in geology and anthropology, and describes himself as a field professional in both. As a professor emeritus at Western Wyoming College, he has brought half a dozen full-sized dinosaur skeletons to its campus.

Love spent 36 years working on the archaeology of Easter Island and has made color-coded maps of its huge ceremonial centers. He has participated in six documentaries about the island and, after winning a number of grants, took his students to excavate roadways along which its ancient inhabitants moved their colossal statues. In 1979, he was the first to discover that its completely barren terrain had once been covered by palm trees. In 1987, he and his team were able to move a nine-ton statue replica upright on the island using only a sledge and rollers.

For the last 26 years, he has also studied the glaciers that inhabit Wyoming's Wind River mountain range. Love and a colleague discovered that the present catastrophic melt-back of the glaciers is not necessarily due to global warming. They are receding by not being fed by the heavy snow-fall regimen of earlier years which created and maintained them.

Love has served on a number of boards, including the Easter Island Foundation, the Wyoming State Geologic Survey, the Abandoned Mine Lands Fund (Wyoming), and various irrigation boards. One of his biggest concerns is that we have failed to teach science to the American public, and this may be the reason for our low ranking in this area among other nations.