Jessica Seigel
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Jessica Seigel covers consumer culture, body politics, and lifestyle as the “Countess of Culture” for National Public Radio’s Day to Day. She has contributed to many publications, including The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Salon, Village Voice, and The Washington Post.

Pioneering her own brand of “undercover” journalism, Seigel has tried on Marilyn Monroe’s clothing to disprove the star’s size 12 myth for NPR; dug up sacrificial bones at Biblical Armageddon for National Geographic Traveler, and generated her own electricity by bicycle for Marketplace public radio. Seigel won the Front Page Award for a Lifetime magazine exposé of the bra industry, following on the National Society of Journalists and Authors Outstanding Article prize for a Los Angeles Magazine investigation of diet fraud.

During eight years with the Chicago Tribune, Seigel covered Hollywood and major national stories like Waco and the O.J. Simpson trial, commenting daily on television from the Los Angeles courthouse. She also wrote about Columbine, computer virus attacks, and celebrity snits as Buzz magazine contributing editor and Brill’s Content senior writer. A Spanish and French speaker, she has reported from Spain, France, Mexico, and the Bronx in both languages.

Consulting and editing for magazines ranging from Folio to Archaeology, Seigel is an adjunct journalism professor at New York University with a master’s degree from the Columbia University journalism school. Along with swing and salsa dancing, Seigel is an auxiliary mounted parks officer who patrols New York City parks on horseback.