Donal Scannell
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Donal Scannell hails from Ballinasloe in County Galway, Ireland, but lives and works in Dublín. Platform agnostic and a convergence freak, Scannell approaches all of his adventures with a similar approach and attitude. His range of projects can appear random from a distance—he currently juggles T.V. production, mobile phone business consultancy, writing, DJing, and music management, but they all have a communications thread binding them.

Scannell manages to work in parallel at both street and boardroom levels, using empathy to navigate a path regardless of whom he is dealing with. Connecting with other humans is always the most important element of all of his media and business escapades. Career moments remembered fondly include working on Ireland´s biggest TV institution The Late Late Show, editing the best-selling Irish fiction collection Shenanigans, hosting and producing the late night radio chat show Insomnia, and working on media outputs with a range of musicians from David Gray to U2 and The Frames.

Working on how the internet is going to revolutionize television is Scannell´s big passion now. He spends a lot of his free time trying to figure out answers to questions nobody asked him to answer. Being back in Boulder is a huge thrill for Scannell, and he relishes being back again for the privileged opportunity of taking part in the fabulously mind blowing CWA!