Donal Scannell
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Donal Scannell went to Dublin at the tender age of 17 to attend college and feed his passion for music, books, film, and television. Those years in Dublin led Scannell to all kinds of interests.

As befits an Irish Gemini, says Scannell, I talk a lot and have all the appearances of a schizophrenic career that allows me to indulge in a variety of pursuits, including television, magazines, books, the mobile Internet, and other peoples music. It may seem all over the place, hopping between organizing rock tours of Eastern Europe to booking the New Years Eve broadcast for RTE national television to dreaming up plans for a new generation of mobile television shows, but it all makes sense to me.

Its not what you do, Scannell continues, its how you do it that matters to me. My work is all about communicating, reaching out to people in as intelligent a manner as is possible, regardless of the medium. Im more interested in living than I am in politics per se. The Conference on World Affairs is a unique opportunity to talk, to listen, and to learn, and Im delighted to be back in beautiful Boulder again this year.