Jurek Martin
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Freelance writer and lecturer Jurek Martin lives in Washington, DC, which he finds pretty agreeable because he retains an abiding interest in politics and world affairs and because it has lots of golf courses and tennis courts. He spent 30 years as a working stiff for the Financial Times (of London), doing his level best to stay out of head office for as long as possible, at which he was quite successful.

His career included postings in Washington and New York in the Nixon years, seven years as bureau chief in the nation's capital under Ford, Carter and Reagan, four years running the newspaper's Tokyo operation when Hirohito was Emperor, and another five back in Washington as bureau chief during the Bush and Clinton administrations. In between, when compelled to show his face at home, he was the foreign news editor in the mid-70s and foreign editor, in charge of all the newspaper's non-British coverage and correspondents, from 1986-92. In 1997, Martin decided 30 years was enough and opted to stay in Washington. He still writes for the Financial Times on a regular basis, as well as for other publications, but mostly on subjects of his own choosing.