Rose Young
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Rose Young has been instrumental in shaping and developing the international Greenpeace movement since 1987. She moved from Massachusetts to the Shetland Islands of Scotland during the 1960s with her “draft-dodging English husband,” Chris, and began her career as a children’s advocate. She eventually became chair of the Children’s Hearing System where she spearheaded the successful reform of Scotland’s juvenile penal model. In 1986 she resigned her position to become advisor to Scotland’s Secretary of State.

During the past 17 years, Young has served as crew manager of the Greenpeace fleet of ships, project director for sea-based actions and participated in climate, oceans and nuclear campaigns. She coordinated the 1995 team that occupied the Shell-owned Brent Spar oil platform in the North Sea. This action prevented Shell from dumping the retired platform into the sea, successfully reversing a long-standing U.K.-European policy. It stands as one of Greenpeace’s most significant victories. In July 2003, she led the international project to fight the Greenpeace indictment by the U.S. government. Young currently serves as campaign director for Greenpeace USA and coordinates joint activities between national and international offices.

A former model, dancer and author, Young enjoys the arts, traveling, music and spending time with family, especially her five grandchildren who are spread across the globe. From the outskirts of Boston to the icy waters of the North Sea and to the decks of the Rainbow Warrior, Young has played a key role in the movement for a green and peaceful future.