John Lucas
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A Professor Emeritus at Pennsylvania State University, John Lucas has published in a dozen journals on the subject of American and international sport history and Olympic games. He has attended thirty-plus summer Olympic Games (1956 through 2000) in an official capacity. As a result, in 1996 the International Olympic Committee awarded him its highest honor, the “Olympic Order.” Earlier, in 1992, this committee awarded him “Official IOC Lecturer” and in that capacity he has delivered over 300 lectures on four continents. According to Lucas, his most satisfying experiences, were having taught thousands of university students in these 38 years, and having received his university’s highest honor in 1989 and 1990 for teaching and for research, respectively. In 1999, Sports Illustrated recognized Lucas for his singular feat of keeping diaries of his 56 years of running, competing, and jogging 100,000 miles. As of November 2000, that figure has risen to 103,500 miles.