Kim Spencer
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Kim Spencer is president and co-founder of Link TV, a national satellite network devoted to global issues and diverse cultures, now available in 21 million U.S. homes. Link TV connects Americans with the world through documentaries, world music and programs such as Mosaic, the unique daily news report from 15 national broadcasters in the Middle East. A producer of more than 50 documentaries and live TV specials, Spencer pioneered international satellite "spacebridges" and was a co-founder of Internews, the organization that supports independent media in 30 countries.

It all started with America at Thanksgiving in 1980, the first live PBS satellite program, linking diverse holiday diners across the U.S. With his partner Evelyn Messinger, he produced The Moscow Link, a live exchange between Soviet scientists and a Washington conference on nuclear winter that helped change USSR attitudes on nuclear war. In 1985 their Five Continent Spacebridge connected the presidents of Sweden, India, Mexico, Tanzania and Brazil to discuss non-proliferation. Collaboration with Russian producers led to Capital to Capital, an historic series of live TV debates between the U.S. Congress and the USSR Supreme Soviet.

Spencer was coordinating producer of ABC News Prime Time Live and produced reports from Cambodia, Africa and an Emmy Award-winning live broadcast from inside Leninís rooms in the Kremlin. In France he co-created the innovative Vis ŗ Vis series, transcontinental dialogues linking people from their homes and workplaces. One link, Beyond the Veil, showed an Iranian schoolteacher in Tehran meeting her counterpart in Washington, D.C.