David Solomons
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David Solomons is chief executive of CULTURE SHOCK! Consulting. His company delivers a uniquely holistic approach to all aspects of cross-cultural orientation for corporations, public bodies and charitable institutions. CULTURE SHOCK! also publishes the unique and world famous CULTURE SHOCK! guides.

He has applied his expertise in behavioral psychology, training and business to organizations in the U.S., Israel, Spain, France and the U.K. He is fluent in four languages and is trained as a psychotherapist.

Solomons is a visiting lecturer at London Metropolitan University and is on the steering group defining a new degree course in business and culture. He is also a visiting lecturer in culture and commerce at the University of Westminster and is a member of the Confederation of British Industry’s International Mobility Forum. He is an approved speaker for TEC International and a licensed trainer in Avatar, an international self-development course.

He has delivered papers, lectures and dissertations on cross-cultural and human understanding issues throughout the world. Recently Solomons was invited to join the steering committee of a new cross-party parliamentary initiative working for the establishment of a U.K. Ministry for Peace.

Solomons currently is co-writing and presenting the “Crossing Cultures” feature on BBC World TV’s weekly travel program Fast Track.