Andrew Revkin
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Andrew Revkin covers global change for The New York Times when he is not writing and performing songs, playing with his band, Uncle Wade, or picking traditional fare with his neighbor, Pete Seeger. He has been a reporter for the Times since 1995, traveling from the Hudson Valley to the North Pole to report on conservation, climate change and efforts to sustain the human adventure without wrecking the home planet. He was also part of the Times Pulitzer-winning Nation Challenged team.

Last year, Revkin won the inaugural National Academies Communication Award for print journalism. He has twice won the Science Journalism Award of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and also has won the Investigative Reporter and Editors Award.

His first book, The Burning Season, chronicles the life of Chico Mendes, the slain Amazon activist. The book was the basis for the HBO film of the same name. Revkin also wrote Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast, which accompanied an exhibition on climate change created by the American Museum of Natural History. He writes about music, and his Times profile of a heavy-metal singer was the basis for the 2001 movie Rock Star.

Revkin lives in the Hudson Valley with his wife and two sons.