Kyi May Kaung
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Originally from Rangoon, Burma, Kyi May Kaung holds a doctorate in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania. She has written four collections of poetry, two of which Pelted with Petals: The Burmese Poems, and Tibetan Tanka have been published by Inter-text Alaska (1996).

Kaung has been a Pew finalist twice, once in 1993 for the allegory “She-Monkey Goes West” and in June 1997, for her stage play “Shaman” about sexual abuse and multiple personalities, which was informally commissioned by director Tisa Chang of Pan Asian Repertory Theatre in New York. In August 1998 her short story “Band of Flesh” appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer magazine. In 1997, Kaung participated in the 49th Annual Conference on World Affairs in Boulder CO, where she was on several panels, one as a specialist on Burma.

She painted with David Chamberlain and Don Grusin and has given a poetry and music performance with South African poet Dennis Brutus and musicians Red Holloway and Don Grusin.

Kaung has since worked on a second collaborative performance with Don Grusin at UCLA in October 97, at a conference sponsored by the Free Burma Coalition. She was also on the Philadelphia Jazz program of Temple Public Radio reading poetry. She has a weekly poetry column and economic analyses in Burmese with Radio Free Asia in Washington D. C., where she currently works as a Senior Research Analyst.