William Hartmann
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William K. Hartmann is known internationally as a scientist, writer and painter. His research involves the origin and evolution of planets and planetary surfaces and the small bodies of the solar system. He led development of the currently most-accepted model for the origin of the moon and participated in the Mariner 9 and Mars Global Surveyor missions.

Hartmann has authored three college-level textbooks in astronomy and planetary science, and approximately 200 technical papers. He has published popular non-fiction illustrated books on astronomy, earth science and the Sonoran Desert, as well as a novel about Mars and one about the Southwest. In 1992-1995 he headed an effort for the Planetary Society and National Science Teachers Association to incorporate planetary science materials into the grade 6-12 curriculum. His book of lessons, Craters, was subsequently published by the NSTA.

Hartmannís paintings of astronomical themes have appeared in books, magazines and exhibits in the U.S., Russia, Japan and Europe. Twice he has had paintings commissioned by the NASA Fine Arts Program.

Currently a senior scientist with the Planetary Science Institute, Hartmann is a member of the imaging team of NASAís Mars Global Surveyor mission.