Fintan Steele
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Fintan Steele is director of communications and scientific education at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, where he somewhat successfully seeks both to understand the data pouring in from the laboratories and to translate them into something accessible and non-frightening for normal people.

Having survived a childhood in rural northern Illinois, eight years (including ordination to the priesthood) in a Benedictine monastery, coming out as a gay man while doing his doctorate at Notre Dame, endless nights in genetics labs, the ruthlessness of being a scientific journal editor, eking out a sane existence for several years in midtown Manhattan and, most recently, too many Nor'easters, Steele is surprised—and delighted—to find himself legally married to a sweet Southern boy, Scott Beard, with three Cornish Rex child-substitutes. The happy family lives in Medford, Massachusetts, near the putative route of Paul Revere's alarmist ride and a couple blocks from a big rock marking Amelia Earhart's childhood home.