Merriam Bleyl
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Merriam Bleyl is an independent educational researcher, consultant, writer and adjunct professor at the University of New Mexico. For the past nine years she has studied wisdom and has interviewed wise individuals from a variety of cultures around the world, including Kenyan, Japanese, Saami-Norwegian of Finnmark, Navajo, German, Austrian and French. Her studies indicate that wisdom is a universal human attribute which plays an important role in all cultures.

Bleyl is the author of the chapter entitled “Transformative Rungs on Wisdom’s Ladder” in Ecological Consciousness, and she recently finished her first book, The Wise Ones, which focuses on the lessons learned from those she interviewed in her research. She writes, teaches and speaks publicly on creativity and wisdom.

Bleyl holds a doctorate in organizational learning and instructional technologies from the University of New Mexico, with a special concentration on wisdom. She received an MA from the University of New Mexico and a BA from the University of Utah.

A mother of four, Bleyl is an accomplished musician, an active volunteer and a leader in nonprofit civic and church organizations. She currently resides in Placitas, New Mexico.