Amneh Badran
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Amneh Badran is director of the Jerusalem Center for Women, a non-governmental organization committed to the protection of human rights, the advancement of womenís rights and the realization of a Middle East peace based on justice. The JCW also works in partnership with the Israeli womenís organization, Bat Shalom, toward a sustainable peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Badran supervises numerous projects and activities that focus on conflict resolution, coalition building, human rights and nonviolent resistance.

Badranís peace-building activities include managing joint dialogue projects and activities with Israeli womenís organizations to overcome stereotypes, prejudices and ignorance about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the conditions of the territories. Badran also supervises numerous workshops and training courses for women that focus on raising awareness and developing skills related to democracy, human rights, advocacy, conflict resolution and peace building.

Prior to her appointment at the JCW, Badran worked for the Palestinian Federation of Women Action Committees. She also coordinates the Lobby for Human Rights in Jerusalem, a coalition of nine human-rights organizations working to defend Palestinian residency rights and provide legal counsel to those who have lost these rights.

Badran holds an MA in Middle Eastern politics from Exeter University in the United Kingdom.