Nora York
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Nora York began singing on New York’s Lower East Side performance art circuit. She has two albums in release: To Dream the World and Alchemy. She performs regularly at concerts, universities and music festivals, including Newport Jazz and Bell Atlantic Jazz. York aligns her music with the visual arts by presenting site-specific performances, such as Big Cry Baby with artist Jerry Kearns and Foxfire with artist Nancy Spero.

York draws her inspiration from jazz, pop, classical and folk. She has two distinct modes of composition: straight-ahead songwriting and morphed suites, which use overlay and collage to juxtapose sources in ways that create entirely new inventions. York has completed several extensive interpretive projects, including I Dreamed I Saw - The Music of Jimi Hendrix & Stephen Foster, which she performed as part of the 2002 New Sounds Live concert series. York also has written/recorded scores and songs for film and television. She currently teaches “The Creative Voice” at NYU, a class she developed to teach pathways to fundamental elements in a creative process.

This year the New York State Council on the Arts awarded York a composer’s commission for Power/Play, a work originally created to complement a film series on Viet Nam. Power/Play explores the contemporary shifting and spinning of the American narrative by unraveling diverse threads running through contemporary culture. Through music, it addresses the confusions that abound in our shared relationship to power, threat and social liberty.