Philip Plait
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By day, Phil Plait is an astronomer at Sonoma State University in California, creating education materials based on the science of several NASA satellites. But by night and sometimes by day, Plait, known as “The Bad Astronomer,” uses humor and critical thinking to rid the world and the human brain of astronomical myths and misconceptions. He is the sole proprietor of the, which was launched in the 1990s with a couple of astronomical rants and has now taken over his life like a flesh-eating bacterium. On that site he exposes junk science, dealing with how astronomy is folded, spindled and mutilated in the media. Some topics include the idea that NASA faked the Apollo Moon missions (they were real), a planet that some people say will pass by and destroy the Earth in May, 2003 (it’s not real) and creationist astronomy (creationists are real, but their claims are not).

Plait has written a book titled Bad Astronomy, and writes for the Boston Globe, Astronomy Magazine and anywhere else editors will let him try to squash fuzzy thinking.