Terry Jeggle
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An American who enjoys working outside the USA, with travel discoveries and cross-cultural interests his continuing motivations,Terry Jeggle has worked for thirty years in international development, emergency relief assistance, professional training in disaster management, and international promotion of hazard and risk reduction activities. He has lived and worked in Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Liberia, Mozambique, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, and most recently from Geneva, Switzerland.

With a degree in history and political science, he has undertaken assignments within the non-profit sector, including a major NGO, CARE 1970-87, a professional training institution as Program Coordinator, then Director, of the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center in Bangkok, 1990-95; and the United Nations 1995-2000.

Jeggle now freelances with diverse professionals engaged in disaster reduction policies throughout the world, currently planning a series of regional forums and a global congress on disaster reduction to be held during 2001-02. In 1999, he was Chair of the editorial advisory board of Natural Disaster Management, published to highlight the changing roles of disaster and risk management at the beginning of the 21st century. More recently, he has contributed “The Evolution of Disaster Reduction as an International Strategy” to the forthcoming From Crises to Contingencies: A Global Perspective, 2000 (ed. by Rosenthal, Comfort and Boin)