Molly Ivins
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Whether she's writing about the politics of her home state of Texas or politics of the presidential variety, Molly Ivins will give you plenty to think about. She is a nationally syndicated columnist for The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, where she writes about Texas and national politics...and other bizarre happenings. A three-time Pulitzer Prize nominee and the author of three bestselling books— Shrub, Molly Ivins Can't Say That, Can She? and Nothing But Good Times Ahead—she spent a decade reporting for The New York Times before returning to Texas in 1982.

Her work has also appeared in Esquire, GQ, Atlantic, The Nation, Harper's and other publications. Ivins' voice can sometimes be heard on National Public Radio (NPR). Ivins counts as her two greatest honors that the Minneapolis police force named its mascot pig after her and that she was once banned from the campus of Texas A&M.