Marilyn G. Haft
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Entertainment lawyer Marilyn Haft specializes in the business and legal affairs of multimedia and communication industries (television, film and production, development and publishing sectors). She is counsel to the Marshall Firm, whose managing partner is Paul Marshall. She is an award-winning independent film producer and has worked at NBC and at ABC News, where she worked with Peter Jennings. She was executive producer of an American Playhouse feature film as well as of an Emmy award-winning documentary on Preston Sturges for American Masters on National Public television.

Haft has been a law partner for several firms and was a test-case constitutional law litigator at the national level for six years. She served the Carter Administration as Associate Director of the Office of Public Liaison in the White House, Deputy Counsel to Walter Mondale, and she was a U.S. Representative to the U.N. She was head of the New York City primary campaign for Carter/Mondale in 1980.

Haft served as general counsel and managing director of a financial services company that provided short-term funding for major film studios, independent film producers/distributors, and cable and record studios. She was responsible for and conducted due diligence on all contractual and cash-flow-related matters.

As a consultant, Haft has been providing entrepreneurs and companies with strategic alliances and financing opportunities. Clients have ranged from television, cable and network syndicators to national and international education technology companies.