Thereza da Motta
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Thereza Christina da Motta was born in São Paulo in 1957. She is a poet, publisher, attorney and translator. She worked as chief researcher for the first Brazilian edition of the Guinness Book of Records in 1992. She published Sun Dial, Rice Paper, Tares & Wheat, Sands, Sabbath, Dawn, Chiaroscuro--Poems in the Dark and the poem-poster Tenth Moon.

Motta has translated some novels and poems by Anne Morrow Lindbergh, John Keats, W. B. Yeats and Lord Byron. Among her unreleased books are Odysseus & Pandora’s Book, Lazuli, Love and Wings, Flamingo View, Spree, Pairs, Let’s, Shell to the Sea, Marco Polo, Columbus, Nothing but Football--A Team of Poems and The Desert Crossing. She lives in Rio de Janeiro, where she organizes and takes part in poetry readings in bookstores, theaters and cafés. She took part in the Second International Meeting of Women Writers in Rosario, Argentina in August, 2000. Motta founded Ibis Libris in 2000, which mainly publishes poetry.

Motta’s goal is to spread the word through poetry so it can become more common among people to reach for their inner feelings and make room for openness and freedom of thought. “Poetry can release the better self in each of us. So can poetry also reach through translation.” As a publisher, she turns her attention to books first. “Books are forever,” she says. This is her second time at the CWA.