Stephanie Oswald
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Stephanie Oswald is editor-in-chief of travelgirl magazine, a new magazine “for the women who travel and the men who travel with them.” Oswald spent the previous decade covering the world for CNN and reported for and co-hosted CNN’s travel program. Oswald’s reporting took her everywhere from the Grand Canyon to the Great Wall of China. As anchor and correspondent for Travel Now, a worldwide program on destinations, travel trends and cuisine, Oswald specialized in adventure travel. She filed reports from Europe, Asia, South America and the Caribbean. One series took her to Papua New Guinea for a rare look at the Huli Wigman culture.

Oswald covered the Cultural Olympiad in Atlanta in 1996 and won an Emmy for producing coverage of the Olympic Park bombing. Her coverage of the serious side of travel included the turnover of Hong Kong to China, the pros and cons of touring Northern Ireland, airport security and pilot fatigue. In the wake of 9/11, Oswald filed human-interest reports on the effects of the attacks. One followed parents and students at CU-Boulder. During the first Gulf War, Oswald worked as an assignment editor, supervising CNN’s Saudi Arabian coverage.

In 1995, Oswald was chosen to participate in the French-American Journalists Foundation Exchange. She graduated cum laude from Boston University. In addition to travel, she loves scuba diving, horses, music and everything Parisian.