Donal Scannell
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Born in Ballinasloe, a west Ireland market town famous for its annual horse fair, Scannell went to Dublin at the tender age of 17 to go to college and feed his passion for music, books, film and television. Those years in Dublin led Scannell to all kinds of interests: from formative years researching The Late Late Show with Gay Byrne on RTE, running a Drum and Bass record label and club-night to editing Shenanigans, a collection of new Irish fiction. He has directed a plethora of music videos for acts including David Gray and The Frames. Media are mediums for expression and communication for Scannell and he has applied this through film, television, radio, print, internet and the wireless web.

After years doing a variety of different things, Scannell decided last year that he wanted to focus on directing. Current projects include Into Africa with Gay Byrne, a global affairs series aimed at teenagers, a Frames concert television special and his first short film. Writing is very much still in the picture with scripts and bits and pieces floating around his hard-drive in different stages of readiness. Scannell would love to be able to just talk and listen for a living.