Harvey Wasserman
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“Renewable energy is key to peace and planetary survival,” says Harvey Wasserman, who is coming to boulder for his 18th CWA. “It is an industry that has come of age.” Wasserman is co-author (with Dan Juhl) of The Handbook & Guide to Harvesting the Wind as a Cash Crop, along with five other books on energy, the environment and U.S. history. He is founder of Farmers Green Power and senior editor of www.freepress.org

“This is the most dangerous time in our nation’s history,” he says. “Never have our commitments to civil liberties, human rights, social justice, ecological harmony, governmental sanity and peace been so severely tested. If we are to survive, we must evolve together rapidly and forcefully, as never before.”

In pursuit of those causes Wasserman has served as senior advisor to Greenpeace USA and with the anti-nuke Clamshell Alliance, Musicians United for Safe Energy, Citizens Protecting Ohio and other grassroots groups. He is a big fan of National Renewable Energy Laboratory and e-town, and in 1994 spoke to 350,000 semi-conscious Rock fans at Woodstock 2. In the 1970s, Wasserman coined the phrase “no nukes.” His new essay “Solartopia” visualizes the potential realities of a renewable future. Toward that end he has joined the campaign to persuade CU to build only solarized structures. He hopes a “solar Boulder” with an energy economy based entirely on wind, sunlight, biomass and other renewables becomes a tangible reality before too many more Conferences go by.

“Boulder could lead the world in becoming a totally green-powered community,” he says. “Let’s make it happen...soon.”