Limor Shiponi
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Limor Shiponi was born in Israel and raised in London as the daughter of a diplomat, giving her an early peek into the heart of human motivation. Striving to understand what makes people do what they do is in the center of everything Shiponi is involved with.

As a musician, Shiponi serves as the director of the Orchestra in Rishon LeZion. At the same time, she is a member and program writer for the award-winning Duo Renaissance ensemble, which performs early music.

Shiponi is a professional storyteller, coach and master of ceremonies at different venues around the country and abroad. Her own experience with the complexity of bilingualism and multiculturalism eventually evolved into her ability to connect diversities. This ability has won her a leading position in the modern Israeli storytelling scene. She is a member of the American National Storytelling Network.

Close attention made Shiponi notice the weaker and missing voices. She became a youth mentor, focusing on the area of character development. She is the initiator of a new Israeli enterprise in formation, Storytellers for Community Development and Peacemaking. She is a member of the Interfaith Encounter Association. She is an independent organization and business consultant.

Shiponi is author of a book, The Musical Score of Modern Storytelling, which is a new methodology implying frameworks of music syntax to the world of storytelling and meeting new challenges emerging in accord with the ongoing multicultural processes.

Shiponi is a single mother of three beautiful daughters.