Diana Jacobs
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Born on Long Island, Diana Jacobs graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in studio arts. She went on to get a degree in accounting from New York University and moved to California where she began a career in botanical illustration. Jacobs worked for the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens. She taught at Otis-Parsons School. After a grueling experience with a mycologist, illustrating a book with over 100 mushroom drawings, Jacobs sought the freedom of fine art. Her first solo exhibit was shown at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles in 1989. Since then she has shown extensively throughout the Untied States. She has received many awards, including from the Print Center Exhibition, LAPS Works of Distinction and Art of California Discovery. Her work also is included in the Thompson learning series book, to be published this year, Drawing: the New Approach.

Jacobsí work incorporates her love of the natural world with the inner landscapes of her imagination. Her curiosity for math and science has played a powerful role in shaping the images she creates. Whether it is large-scale work on canvas, assemblages, drawing or the multi-layer print work, her art searches for connections. Butterflies, bones, genetic codes, wailing babies, architectural details, Belgian lace, insects, fashion photos and machine parts are among the items to found in all of these diverse bodies of work. Her work is filled with the personal that seeks the universal.